Am Bahnhof - At the train station

At the train station, Mandalay 2018

From Mandalay Central Station trains to Lashio start via Pin Oo Lwin and Hsipaw. Today, two passenger trains run by Chinese CKD7B diesel locomotives travel the route daily. The station is located on 78th Street south of Fort Mandalay.

The train to Lashio starts early in the morning at 4:00, so many locals spend the night at the station. If you arrive here in the early morning hours, it is already unexpectedly busy. The train leaves the station on time with a loud horn and sets off in the dark on its first route. After 20 km, the route reaches Sedaw, where the track becomes a mountain railway and reaches Thondaung with four switchbacks climbing 300 meters high. At this early hour, you can not see that much yet, but you get the shunting through the changed direction.


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