Bagaya Kloster - Bagaya Monastery

Bagaya Monastery, Inwa 2018

The Bagaya Monastery in Inwa, near Mandalay, is a Buddhist monastery in the southwest of the Inwa Palace. This magnificent monastery is also known as Maha Waiyan Bontha Bagaya Monastery. During the reign of King Hsinbyushin, Maha Thiri Zeya Thinkhaya, city officer of Magwe, built the monastery in the monastic state of Bagaya and dedicated it to Shin Dhammabhinanda.

This teak convent was first built in 1593, 18 km from present-day Mandalay. During King Bagyidaw’s reign, on April 15, 1821, a great fire broke out. Many important buildings, including the Bagaya Monastery, were destroyed in the fire. It is built entirely of teak and consists of the 7-story spire with the Bhawga Hall and the Dhanu Hall. The monastery is adorned with sumptuous Burmese works such as carvings, floral arabesques, ornaments with curving figures and reliefs of birds and animals, as well as small wall-mounted pillars, the works of Inwa Era.

One of the most interesting features of this monastery is that it sits in the middle of the vast rice fields with a beautiful mix of thorny green bushes and banana trees that form a perfect shaded base for the entire building.


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