Internationale Buddhismus Akademie - International Buddhist Academy

International Buddhist Academy, Sagaing 2018

At the foot of Sagaing Hill, near the monestary school in Sagaing, is the International Buddhist Academy. Its role model in teaching is the Bodhisatta’s career and, accordingly, its main goals are aligned.

The Sitagu Association of Myanmar, led by the venerable Thegon Sayadaw, began building the Buddhist Sitagu Academy in 1994 with the goal of achieving the triple saddhamma of scripture study (pariyatti), the Buddhist practice (patipatti), and the realization of the Dhamma (patipvedha) in today’s world. With this project, the Sitagu Association has set itself the goal of creating a world-class educational institution that enables qualified monks, nuns and lay people to study Buddhist studies and related academic subjects.

The centerpiece is a hemispherical stucco in Sanchi style, gilded and embossed with Dharma wheel patterns. The surrounding arcade features photos of Asia’s great Buddhist sites, often shown as vacation photos with university founder U-Nyan Nate Tara. In addition, there are Buddhas from all over the world. In the comparison, you can clearly see the differences in the presentation. A visit to the inner courtyard of the academy is possible at any time. The interior of the dome is not accessible to visitors.


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