In der Klosterschule - In the monastery school

In the monastery school, Sagaing 2018

Monastic schools are important institutions in Myanmar, as they enable children from poor families to enjoy a school education. As a rule, the lessons are designed so that the children can help their families with their daily work in the morning or afternoon. At the foot of Sagaing Hill is a monastery school, the Aung Myae Oo School, which is specially designed for the children of poor families and orphans.

The school was founded in 2003 by the Buddhist monk Venerable Vilasa and has been growing ever since. The children live in the school or in nearby monasteries and are also served here. The school is funded by donations. The basic idea and the goal are to give children from poor backgrounds a school education according to modern standards and in harmony with the Burmese culture. In addition to classical subjects, English lessons and computer training are given here as well.


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