In einer Weberei - In a weaving

In a weaving, Amarapura 2018

On the way to Amarapura – the city of the immortals, south of Mandalay, there are many craftsmen, such as stonemasons, woodcarvers, bronze foundries, and weavers. The very village-like Amarapura is the center of the cotton and silk weaving and lives today mainly of it. The tranquil village is known for its traditional silk weaving mill, which is operated to perfection in thousands of manufactories. On the outskirts, there is the Taungthamansee with the world’s longest teak bridge, the U-Bein bridge.

In these weaving mills, only women work by hand to produce the colorful fabrics for the Longjis, the traditional clothing of the Burmese people. The patterns are worked like knotted carpets with individual threads on different boats. It almost looks a bit like playing the piano with the “msusic sheet” hanging at eye level in front of the women on the loom. Here is the pattern excellent, which should arise in the end. In addition, the women work upside down. To recognize the right image, they need to keep a mirror under their work. For one Longji women usually work several days, but it can also be weeks, depending on the complexity of the pattern.


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