Namenlose Schönheit - Nameless Beauty

Nameless beauty, Mingun 2018

In addition to all the superlatives that Mingun has to offer, such as the Mingun Pagoda and the Mingun Bell, other places in this small village north of Mandalay take a back seat. Along the main road, where tourists move to the major sights, are hidden other peculiarities that are easily overlooked, such as this small temple or perhaps a monastery.

Here is once again confirmed that not only the places in the guidebooks are worth a visit. Often jewels, like this one, are ignored between the attractions. Once again curiosity has led to an enchanting place.

Unfortunately, there is no name for this little paradise. The entrance seems to be uninviting at first, but if you reach the temple, an area opens up with a golden stupa, several shrines crouching in the shade of the surrounding trees and small houses with clear signs of decay inhabited by monks. Once again everyday things are mixed with religious things. Laundry dries in the sun between the shrines and pagodas, the hotplate smokes and the two monks study or rest. The place exudes a calm, which is otherwise rare to find in Mingun.


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