Mingun Glocke - Mingun Bell

Mingun Bell, Mingun 2018

The Mingun bell in the village of the same name north of Mandalay in Myanmar is the second largest intact bell in the world. It is 3.70 meters high, has a diameter of 5 meters at the base and weighs about 90 tons. Bigger, but because of damage no longer sounding is only the tsar bell in the Moscow Kremlin.

King Bodawpaya devoted himself during his reign to the construction of a huge pagoda, a gigantic bell, and a gigantic lion. The pagoda, Mingun Pagoda, remains unfinished, whereas the bell was completed in 1808 and today can be admired near the pagoda. During the earthquake of 1838, the bell house collapsed, the bell itself remained undamaged and later received a new house with elaborate wood carvings.

The weight of the bell is 55,555 viss (90 tons). This number is called “Min Hpyu Hman Hman Pyaw” by many people in Myanmar, with the consonants being the number 5 in Burmese astronomy and numerology. Bells in Buddhist monasteries in Myanmar are clapperless and hang just above the ground. They are struck by monks and faithful visitors with a thick wooden bar at the bottom. The stroke of the bell is the sign of a finished good deed and takes place after a worship ceremony or sacrificial donation.


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