Sat Taw Yar Pagode - Sat Taw Yar Pagoda

Sat Taw Yar Pagoda, Mingun 2018

This snow white pagoda stands near the boat dock in Mingun. Its terraces face the riverbank and are guarded by two giant Chinthei. The pagoda was built in 1881 and houses a footprint of the Buddha in marble. The terraces are reminiscent of the Hsinbyume Pagoda and represent those seven mountains, according to Indian mythology, the world mountain Meru is surrounded by, which is symbolized by the pagoda.

The pagoda is not far from the Mingun Pagoda and is not one of Mingun’s main attractions, so it is much quieter and you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Irrawaddy and the countryside. In addition to the pagoda, is also a traditional wooden longboat exhibited. Since the pagoda is right next to the ferry dock, you can start your tour of Mingun here, continuing with the Mingun Pagoda.


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