City Views Mingun, Myanmar 2018

Mingun is a village and a well-known historical site north of Mandalay in Myanmar. The best way to reach it is by ferry from Mandalay. King Bodawpaya was originally from Rakhine and brought with him the well-known Buddha statue, which today stands in the Mahamuni Pagoda in Mandalay. Here in Mingun, he wanted to realize some megalomaniacal construction projects, such as the Mingun Pagoda, which should become the largest in the world.

It is one of the three major attractions that make Mingun a popular destination for tourists and the people of Mandalay. The others are the house with the largest intact bell in the world, the Mingun Bell, and the snow-white Hsinbyume Pagoda. In addition, there are the Sat Taw Yar Pagoda, the Molmi Paya, and the Pondaw Pagoda, which is a model of the planned Mingun Pagoda.

In addition to all the historical sites, Mingun is dominated by souvenir shops for the hordes of tourists. However, if you take a little time and leave the main road, you can find very rural Burmese life here, and with a bit of exploratory spirit also nameless beauties that hide between the attractions. In addition to the life on the riverside, you will find old colonial houses and in one of the monasteries a nursing home, whose inhabitants are very happy to see visitors.


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