Auf der Fähre nach Mingun - On the ferry to Mingun

On the ferry to Mingun, Mandalay 2018

From Mandalay, you can make a day trip to Mingun. However, you should be on time at the harbor, so you catch the only ferry on the day. Cozy it goes over the Irrawaddy, first on the banks of Mandalay. Then the landscape becomes more rural. Small villages, with wooden houses clustered on the riverbank, hidden between trees. Gradually, the landscape is becoming lonelier and barren.

Sandbanks stretch along the shore and through the stream. There is heavy traffic on the Irrawaddy, transport ships from the north and south, now and then a luxury steamer with tourists and of course the simple boats of the locals.

A special feature here on the Irrawaddy is the bamboo or wooden ships. These are platforms made of wood or bamboo, which are also the cargo of these transport ships. Usually, they come down from the north and bring building materials into the cities. The boatmen live on these rafts, often with the whole family. Their habitation is nothing more than a simple roof of grass or reeds. During the week-long drive, they cook, wash, sleep here.

When you approach Mingung, you first notice the imposing ruins of the Mingun Pagoda. Due to its size, it can be seen from far away. The other temples, pagodas, and buildings of Mingun are slowly becoming visible. The port of Mingun is basically just a beach, where taxis await the comers.


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