Königlicher Palast - Royal Palace

At the Royal Palace, Mandalay 2018

The Royal Palace, also called Mandalay Palace, is the last royal palace of the last Burmese monarchy. The palace was built between 1857 and 1859 during the founding of the new royal capital Mandalay. The plan of the Mandalay Palace follows largely the traditional Burmese palace design, within a walled fortress surrounded by a moat.

On November 28, 1885, the palace’s history ended as a royal residence, when during the third Anglo-Burman war, troops entered the palace and captured the royal family. The British transformed the palace complex into Fort Dufferin, named after the then Viceroy of India. Much of the palace was destroyed during the Second World War by Allied bombing, only the royal mint and watchtower survived. A replica of the palace was rebuilt in the 1990s with some modern materials.

The four 2-km-long walls of the Palace Citadel form a perfect place with a total of 48 bastions with gold-tip Pythagos or towers at regular intervals of 169 meters, surrounded by a ditch 64 meters wide, and 4.5 meters deep. Especially in the evening, many locals gather here to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, go for walks or jog, or just enjoy the view.


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