Dünner Buddha - Skinny Buddha

Skinny Buddha, Mandalay 2018

The Skinny Buddha is located in Mandalay and is certainly a very extraordinary representation of the Buddha, who is otherwise always well-nourished. Built in 2011, this remarkable 75-foot tall seated Buddha is a “meditation image” stylistically located somewhere between manga caricature and Cubism. Here, an image of Buddha was created during his meditation phase under the tree. Asceticism takes on an impressive form.

The Thin or Skinny is the image of Gautama Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama), the main character in Buddhism. He was a spiritual leader who lived and learned in parts of India 2,500 years ago, and his teachings became the foundation of Buddhism. He is recognized by Buddhists as the enlightened one. The roundish Buddha is believed to be the reincarnation of “Maitreya,” the future Buddha.


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