Neues MaSoe Yein Kloster - New MaSoe Yein Monastery

New MaSoe Yein Monastery, Mandalay 2018

Located in the Monk’s district, just a stone’s throw across the bridge from the Shwe In Bin Kyaung lies the New MaSoe Ya Monastery. It is the largest monastery in Mandalay and houses 27,000 monks. It is primarily a collection of modern dorms and lecture halls. It also has a Big Ben clock and a unique six-story octagonal library tower with a great view point. The monastery has long been known for the politically righteous views of its monks, and it is the base of the controversial monk Ashin Wirathu, the figurehead of the 969 Movement.

The monks are very friendly and open. During a visit you quickly get into a conversation and also taking pictures of everyday life is no problem. Due to the size of the monastery, you quickly immerse yourself in the life of the monks and get interesting insights into their everyday life and study. In addition to studying in the lecture halls, one can also observe monks cooking, washing clothes or studying. The monastery exudes a unique atmosphere that should not be missed.


3 thoughts on “New MaSoe Yein Monastery, Mandalay 2018

  1. I would not recommend going to that place at all. We have been there today and were warmly welcomed by a group of young monks. However, when we left I found my shoe thrown behind a barbed wire fence. I had difficulties getting it back and almost cut my arm. I have been to lots of buddhist places in SEA and know very well how to behave properly there so I do not know why anybody would do this. Obviously, something is wrong with that monastery.

    1. So sorry to hear but thanks for sharing. Not only the good experiences should be shared. Hope beside this unpleasant experience you had a great time in Mandalay.

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