Am Irrawaddy - At the Irrawady

At the Irrawaddy, Mandalay 2018

Overall, the Irrawaddy, also Irawadi is 2170 kilometers long and flows from the north of the country to the Gulf of Martaban, which belongs to the Andaman Sea. Its longest source river – the Tarong – rises in the district of Nyingchi in the Autonomous Region of Tibet of the People’s Republic of China, in the southeast of the Himalayas.

For Myanmar, the river is the most important lifeline. The lowland at Mandalay, that it passes through, is fertile and is mainly used for rice cultivation. About 100 kilometers southwest of Mandalay streams its largest inflow in, the Chindwin.

Its banks are densely populated for Myanmar, which is hardly noticeable except in the cities along the river. The Burmese live with, and on the stream, which is one of the most important transport routes in the country. From Mandalay, you can take the ferry to Mingun but also drive to Bagan.


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