Dschungel Trekking - Jungle Trekking

Jungle Trekking Day 2, Mae Wang National Park 2018

The second day of trekking begins with a visit to a Karen vilage in the mountains. You get an insight into the way of life and the everyday life of these hill tribes living up here in harmony with nature. Natur gives them what they need, so it is highly respected. Pretty much everything from the forest and fields is used in one way or another. Hard physical work is part of everyday life.

But soon you leave the scanty civilization behind and you are surrounded by nature. It goes past various plantations, initially still higher on the mountains. Once at the summit, you can enjoy a spectacular 360 ° view of the surrounding landscape. No signs of civilization, only nature.

Then the descent begins, down to a river, past elephants, fields, and individual huts. The last part of the trek is along the river. Shady and pleasantly refreshing in the midday heat. Again and again, you pass waterfalls, climb over rocks, and enormous roots of the old trees. And then even a beach opens up in the middle of the jungle. At the foot of one of the waterfalls, a basin has formed, which is framed by a sandy beach. The perfect place for a refreshing swim.

Shortly before the end of the trek, you will leave the river and walk leisurely through bamboo and ferns until you reach the end point where the car is already waiting for the transport back to Chiang Mai. An impressive hike in a breathtaking multi-faceted nature comes to an end, and as soon as you are back on the road, you quickly realize what you have not missed, the noise and bustle of civilization.


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