Wat & Phos Dschungel Dorf - Wat & Pho's Jungle Village

Wat & Pho’ s Jungle Village, Mae Wang National Park 2018

After trekking and visiting a Pak Choi Farm, you will overnight at Wat & Pho today. A Karen family, who has created a little paradise here near the summit. Small wooden huts for guests stretch along the slope, surrounded by banana trees, and plenty of vegetables. The main house towers over everything, in front of a pond with a breathtaking view. The view, of course, one also has from the small huts, which are all equipped with a terrace and hammock.

Since there is no lighting here in the mountains at night, the starry sky is a spectacle in itself. But you should not stay up late and sit by the campfire, otherwise, you will miss the equally impressive sunrise over the mountains in the morning.

Wat & Pho offer a homestay, where you instantly integrate into the family and learn a lot. For short-term visitors, they offer a quick course in local cuisine, for those who spend more time here, there is plenty of work from growing and grooming the fruit and vegetables, chopping wood, through to repair work around the house and grounds. Although this oasis is far from everything, you will not be bored here, and the natural surroundings will quickly make you forget the hustle and bustle of civilization. The perfect place to rest.


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