Mae Phui Wasserfall - Mae Phui Waterfall

Mae Wang Waterfall, Mae Wang National Park 2018

Mae Wang Waterfall is part of Mae Wang National Park. It is about 25 meters high and 10 meters wide and carries water all year long. He is the original water source of Maenam Wang. The Mae Wang waterfall is located far away, embedded in nature, therefore without pollution and with clear water that makes you want to swim. The forest around the waterfall is Dipterocarp forest, mixed deciduous and dry Dipterocarp forest as well as mixed pine rainforest.

On the trekking, you reach the waterfall at noon to eat. Idyllic on the shore in a rickety hut overlooking the waterfall you can strengthen in the shade. Afterward a dip or a walk under the waterfall refreshes. In the cave, it is cool and humid, a welcome refreshment after trekking in the heat. The rest strengthens for the further way up into the mountains to the Bok Choy Farm and the night quartier.


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