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Jungle Trekking Day 1, Mae Wang National Park 2018

This tiny and recently established park is located between the much larger Doi Inthanon and Ob Khan National Parks. Located in the district of the same name, Mae Wang National Park is approximately 45 km southwest of Chiang Mai. The journey takes about an hour and 15 minutes. Mae Wang National Park consists of the mountainous Tanonthongchai Hill, which is 400-1,909 meters above sea level. There are other mountains that are the main sources of three streamlines: Nam Maejam, Nam Maewang and Nam Maeteun, tributaries of the Mae Ping River.

The many streams that come from the mountains and feed the Wang River provide numerous waterfalls in the area, including Khun Puay, Pra Duk Daeng, Phong Noy, Phong Samid, Mae Sapok and Mae Wang. There are also numerous smaller ethnic minority villages in the area, such as Karen, Palong, and Hmong. During a two-day trekking, you can experience both the beautiful nature, as well as the culture and everyday life of the people.

Since the area is a national park, various restrictions apply to the cultivation and cultivation of plants. However, as this is the predominant source of income for ethnic minorities in the area, the king himself set up agricultural projects and educated local people on organic farming methods. On the trekking, you get the opportunity to see such a project for Bok Choy. Overnight is idyllic in a Karen village on the top of a mountain.


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