Wat Saimoan Mueang

Wat Saimoon Mueang, Chiang Mai 2018

Wat Saimoon Mueang is located in the southeastern part of Chiang Mai’s Old Town. The temple was built in 1487 during the reign of King Tilokarat. Before the temple was officially named Wat Saimoon Mueang, it was called Arambarnpa. It was assumed that this temple used to be a waterway from Doi Suthem Mountain to the west of the city. In addition, the soil of this area was used to make bricks for the construction of the inner city wall. Therefore, this area became a swamp called Saimoon Swamp.

Wat Saimoon Mueang was assured in 1907 by the king the erection of the ordination hall. The founder of the temple, however, was not mentioned. Royal officers are believed to have built this temple because their names, Khun Pipat and Mrs. Upapong, are mentioned at the entrance to the sacred hall. Under the Buddha’s main image are also the names of the Minister of Education, Mr. Nanpan and Mrs. Klangkham, who were the donors of the Buddha image. The temple has been restored and maintained from generation to generation to the present day by locals and other generous donors.

The main Buddha statue, which is 69 inches high and 48 inches wide, is kept in the preaching hall. Legendary it is said, that this Buddha statue was brought here from the north with the help of elephants and horses during the invasion of the Burmese army in Chiangsaen, an ancient city in that region. The elephants and the horses moved the Buddha statue southwards and stopped directly in this area without moving on, so the statue has been kept here ever since.


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