Thai Pferdehof - Thai Horse Farm

Thai Horse Farm, Chiang Mai 2018

North of Chiang Mai, in the small village of Ban Pong, is the Thai Horse Farm. This family-run business offers discovery tours in the jungles of Northern Thailand – on horseback! On Himalayan horses, you cross old paths across the thickets of the forest. An adventure of a special kind.

The first part of the ride is comfortable and leads only slightly uphill so that you can get used to the horse and it to his load. Of course, you also have to go downhill again. For inexperienced riders a small challenge, because it goes over hill and dale, the horses are small but sure-footed. Nevertheless, your heart will stop shortly if you only see the abyss in front of you, the horse will slip slightly in an unsteady spot or the path just seems too narrow.

But the feeling of freedom on horseback quickly compensates for all this, and as a reward, there is a delicious lunch, surrounded by greenery, traditionally cooked in bamboo in an open fire.

After strengthening and a little break for horse and equestrian, it continues. The second part of the trip leads past the shore of a reservoir. Left the forest, right water. Is there anything better? On the last piece it may also be faster and in a gallop, it goes over a wide sandy path right through the forest.

A day on the back of a horse to enjoy Northern Thailand’s nature is certainly not for everyone, but anyone who appreciates this form of active vacation will have a memorable experience with a day trip at Thai Horse Farm.


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