Kanta Elefanten Zuflucht - Kanta Elephant Sanctuary

Kanta Elephant Sanctuary, Chiang Mai 2018

One day close to the pachyderms. It’s been a dream for a long time and it’s coming true at the Kanta Elefanten Sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand. For one day you can get up close and personal with the pachyderms, get to know their everyday life, learn more about them and take over the tasks of animal keepers.

These nursing homes are quite controversial, as they do not always hold what they promise in their advertising leaflets or websites. Careful research on the individual care facilities is therefore advisable in advance if one puts on an animal-friendly attitude value – which should be the case if one decides for such a special experience. Because animals are not intended for the entertainment and amusement of man, they are living beings who deserve respect and care.

The day at Kanta Elephant Sanctuary was memorable. At first, the mass and size of the animals are a bit frightening, but the ability of their proboscis to observe their intelligent eyes and yet graceful movements in spite of their fullness soon causes anxiety to fade, replaced by exhilaration, enthusiasm and detailed explanations The guides will gain a deeper understanding of these incredible creatures. An all-around successful day, which is only to be recommended.


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