Wat Muentoom

Wat Muen Toom, Chiang Mai 2018

Wat Muen Toom in Chiang Mai, also known as Muen Tum, is certainly not one of the main attractions of the city or one of the main temples, such as Wat Doi Suthep or Wat Chedi Luang, but sometimes it is the small, insignificant and forgotten places that have a very special charm. While tourists stroll through the halls and gardens in the large temples, one can enjoy the tranquility here.

From the outside rather inconspicuous, on entering the temple opens its beauty. Many small details give a harmonious overall picture and here, the chances to experience a piece of Buddhist everyday life are great. Monks sweeping the courtyard, old women praying or everyday scenes, such as cooking food or washing dishes, are easier to spot here than in the large temples.


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