Siming Berge - Siming Mountains

National Park Siming Mountains, Zhejiang 2017

Between Ningbo and Shaoxing, the Siming Mountains stretch from Yuyao in the north to Shengzhou in the south. The mountains rise to a height of 400 – 900 meters above sea level, with the Jinzhong mountain at the extreme southeast corner of the ridge with 1018 meters as the highest peak. As there is plenty of rain, the natural landscape here is green and the deep gorges hide fast flowing rivers and streams with waterfalls and natural pools. The Siming Mountains are full of natural and man-made attractions ranging from nature reserves to ancient villages and historic monuments.

The area is also significant in Chinese revolutionary history as many communist party branches were established in the villages here – including Shilin – during the War against Japan and the Civil War. Closest to Danshan Chishui and Shilin is the Lijiakeng Ancient Village. Located on the banks of the Beixi River, it is, like Shilin, a wonderful maze of cobbled lanes and traditional Chinese yards.

In the north, history buffs find the former location of the Communist Party in eastern Zhejiang not far from the city of Liangnong, about 20 kilometers from Danshan Chishui on the winding road towards Yuyao. Further north is the Siming Lake, an artificial reservoir that provides a good place to stay and relax along the main road.


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