Fünf Pagoden Tempel - Five Pagoda Temple

Five-Pagoda-Temple, Hohhot 2017

The Five Pagoda Temple is located in the southeastern part of Hohhot City and was built in 1732 during the Qing Dynasty as a very important Tibetan Buddhist temple. The main attraction is the so-called ‘Diamond Throne Sarira Pagoda’ at the back of the temple. There are five small dagobas on the pagoda pedestal. The associated temple no longer exists today.

The pagoda is 16 meters high and consists of three parts: the base, the seat and the top, with the five dagobas. On the northern wall of the pagoda, three sculptures are embedded. The Mongolian astronomical map is the only one worldwide in Mongolian and is of great importance for scientific research.

The approximately 9-meter-high pedestal is decorated with Buddhist motifs and Vijra sutras, which were immortalized in three languages – Tibetan, Mongolian and Sanskrit. Since 1988, the Five Pagoda Temple is on the list of monuments of China.


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