Qingcheng Park

Qingcheng Park, Hohhot 2017

Qingcheng Park, formerly People’s Park, is an urban public park in central Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in North China. It is bounded by West Zhongshan Road and Tiyuchang Road, and covers an area of 48 hectares. It is one of the major tourist sites in Hohhot.

The park was established in July 1931 as Dragon Spring Park on Reclining Dragon Hill, a sacred site connected with some shrines. In 1950, the new People’s Republic of China government renewed the area and renamed it People’s Park. The park’s name was changed again in June 1997 to Qingcheng Park.

Near the Park is the Five-Pagoda-Temple, an important site in Hohhot.


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