Beizi Tempel - Beizi Temple

Beizi Temple, Xilinhot 2017

Located in the north of Xilinhot City, Beizi Temple is one of the city’s cultural, art and commercial centers, as well as a famous Tibetan Buddhist temple in the history of Xilingol and central and western Inner Mongolia. The picturesque temple consists mainly of the three main halls of Beizi Temple, Erdun Aobao, Wenbo Hall, Beizi Temple shopping center and Beizi Square. The temple is located at the southern foot of Mount Erdun Aobao, which was built during the Qing Dynasty. So far, it has passed through eight living Buddhas, so the temple has a long history and rich cultural resources. The buildings in the temple have a high degree of historical and artistic research value for Mongolian, Han and Tibetan culture and art.

As you climb the steps of Erdun Aobao behind the temple, you have a great view of the city. The Aobao at the top of the mountain was first built in the late 17th century. The Beizi Temple Square is set in over 50,000 square meters of land that combines the folk customs and cultural traits of the four Mongolian tribes of the Xilingol Confederation.


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