Ökosystem Xilingol Fluss - Xilingol River Ecosystem

Xilingol River Ecosystem, Xilinhot 2017

Xilingol is the nearest pasture area to the regions of Beijing and Tianjin. The large grassland, relics of dinosaurs and the ancient residence of Kublai are the main attractions in Xilingol. The Xilingol Grassland is the most representative grassland in a temperate climate zone in China and national nature reserve.

The main places of protection are the sparse forest areas, the meadow steppe, the typical steppe and the sand and river wetland ecosystem. Xilingol is one of the world’s most famous prairies and one of the four most important grasslands in China, as well as the most important natural grassland of Inner Mongolia.

Xilingol Grassland, meaning ‘rivers in the highlands’, is located in the city of Xilinhot, the center of Inner Mongolia. With more than 10,786 square kilometers, the grassland is considered one of the most representative. It consists of moors, grasslands, sand dunes and wetlands with over 1,200 plant species.


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