City Views Xilinhot, Inner Mongolia 2017

Xilin Hot is a county-level city of the Xilin Gol Confederation in the northern center of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China. It has an area of ​​15,758 km² and has 150,000 inhabitants. Xilin Hot is the capital of the federal government. In the first half of the 17th century, Xilinhot was renamed Beizi Temple, since the Qianlong Emperor built a lama temple in 1743, here called Beizi Temple. Today, the temple is one of the largest temples on the Xilin Gol prairie. In 1953, the county was renamed Xilinhot.

The historical center includes the artistic temple. The Naadam Festival, a Mongolian festival, is celebrated here every year. Naadam is a gathering of the Mongolian population for wrestling, horse racing, costume contests, horse racing, etc. It is the summer festival and usually very colorful with costumes and colorful yurts serving food and selling jewelry.

The surrounding countryside is hilly grasslands inhabited by Mongols, which have horses, sheep, goats and some cows. Meals consist of mutton, beef, cabbage and other fruits and vegetables. Particularly well-known and important is the Ecosystem Xilingol River, which starts just outside the city.


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