Wudangzhao Kloster - Wudangzhao Monastery

Wudangzhao Monastery, Baotou 2017

70 kilometers northeast of Baotou, near a valley called Wudang Gou, lies Wudangzhao Monastery, a large Tibetan Buddhist monastery. It is the largest and best-preserved lama monastery in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. “Bada Gele Monastery” is its Tibetan name meaning “white lotus”. “Wudangzhao” in Mongolian means “willow”.

The monastery was built in Tibetan style. The white monastery stands out against the backdrop of the barren landscape and looks very majestic. The huge complex of buildings once served as a residence for the highest lama of Inner Mongolia. It was completed in 1749 during the Qing Dynasty. The main buildings in Wudangzhao Monastery consist of six halls, three living Buddha residences, and a funeral parlor where the relics of several living Buddhas are kept.

According to statistics, there are about 1500 Buddhist statues and several fine murals that reflect the historical characters, customs, myths and beautiful scenery. All collections in Wudangzhao Monastery are valuable testimonies for studying the history and culture of minorities.


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