City Views Hohhot, Inner Mongolia 2017

Hohhot is the capital of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in northern China. The name of the city is Mongolian and means ‘Blue City’. It was founded around 1580 by Altan Khan and later became capital of the Chinese province Suiyuan. The Chinese called it Guisui until 1954. Throughout its long history, Hohhot has become an important cultural center of the region. Today, it is the most important city in Inner Mongolia and home to 36 different ethnic groups, including Mongols, Han Chinese, Manchurians, Hui Chinese, Tibetans, Dawoers, Elunchuns, Evenks, and Koreans.

Tourist attractions in the city include the Dazhao Lamasery, the Five Pagoda Temple, and the Xilituzhao Palace. Just outside the city are the grasslands Gegentala and Xilamuren, which are now partially developed touristy and provide a glimpse into nomadic life of the Mongols with show villages.


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