Altstraße Saishang - Old Street Saishang

Saishang Old Street, Hohhot 2017

In the old street Saishang in Hohhot, one feels transported back in time. Strictly speaking, it is not just a road, but a block of houses with several smaller streets. However, 80% of the area are reconstructions of the old cityscape. Here you will find next to souvenir shops especially small street restaurants with local specialties.

Only one street is still adorned with old houses. Here, in addition to the ambiance above all junk, antique, art and fur and leather goods are offered. The houses are clearly visible in their age and also many people on the street seem to come from the same century. Walking down the street you feel a lot closer to Genghis Khan’s empire than in the nearby Guanyin Temple or the Dazhao Lamasery.


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