Tennoji Park

Tennoji Park, Osaka 2017

The Tennoji Park is a large park in Osaka with spacious lawns and recreational facilities, a traditional landscaped garden and a zoo. This park also houses the Museum of Fine Arts of Osaka. The park is adjacent to Tennoji Station, the southern gateway to Osaka, and is an urban oasis like New York’s Central Park or Hyde Park in London.

It was first opened in 1909 and has one of the most colorful stories of Osaka’s parks. The Tennoji Zoo was opened in 1915 and was the third zoo in the country after those in Ueno and Kyoto. In 2015, the park reopened with a sprawling lawn, playground, restaurants, and shops. Nearby attractions include Shitennoji Temple. West of the park is Shinsekai, a unique Osakan dining, and entertainment district. Also in the immediate vicinity is the highest skyscraper in Japan, Abeno Harukas.

Chausuyama is an old burial mound on the north side of the park, which in 1614 was also the scene of a bitter struggle between the clans Tokugawa and Toyotomi. Today you can climb to the top, sit on a bench and enjoy the scenic view of the Kawazokoike pond.


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