Hauptbahnhof - Central Station

Central Station, Tokyo 2017

The Central Station of Tokyo is located in the Chiyoda district in the Marunouchi business district, near the Imperial Palace and just north of the Ginza district. The main entrance is located on the western side of the station facing the Imperial Palace and is modeled after the Amsterdam Central Station.

The station was designed by Tatsuno Kingo who also contrived the building of the nearby Bank of Japan, which is also in the style of the Neo-Baroque. Like the Central Station, the other main stations were connected to each other around 1914 according to the model of the Berlin Circle Line. Much of the station, as well as the two magnificent domes, was destroyed during World War II. In December 2012, the elaborate restoration of the state of 1914 was completed, in which not only the domes were restored, but also the interior facades under the domes.


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