Sky Tree

Sky Tree, Tokyo 2017

The Tokyo Skytree is a 634 meter high television and radio tower in the Japanese capital Tokyo. It is the highest television tower and after the Burj Khalifain Dubai the second highest building of the earth. Located in Sumida, it surpasses the 333 meter high Tokyo Tower by far. At night, the Skytree is illuminated in two alternating colors.

The highlight of the Tokyo Skytree are its two observation decks, which offer spectacular views over Tokyo. The observation decks are 350 and 450 meters high. They are the highest viewing platforms in Japan and some of the highest in the world.

Elevators connect the Tembo Deck to the 450-meter-high Tembo Gallery. Tembo Gallery, referred to as ‘the tallest skywalk in the world’, consists of an oblique, spiral ramp that rises in height to the tower. By constructing the steel and glass tubes, visitors can look from the dizzy heights of the tower far beyond the Kanto region.


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