Yokoamicho Park

Yokoamicho Park, Tokyo 2017

Following the great Kanto earthquake on September 1, 1923, 44,000 people were killed in a firestorm in the park. After this disaster, the park became the main monument of the earthquake. Today, here are the earthquake memorial hall and a nearby ossuary with the ashes of 58,000 victims of the earthquake.

Outside the memorial hall are the twisted forms of various machines that have melted in the fires of the earthquake.

Also noteworthy are the Monument to the Children’s Victims of the Earthquake, the Japanese-style garden and the Peace Monument by sculptor Kimio Tsuchiya for the victims of World War II from 2001. The park also became the location of the main memorial to the victims of the Bombing of Tokyo in 1944 and 1945. In the middle of a huge, sloped semicircle of flowered stones is a small space with the names of 100,000 victims.


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