Shuhen Garten - Shuhen Garden

Shukkei-en Garden, Hiroshima 2017

The Shukkeien is a Japanese convertible garden in Hiroshima. The translation means ‘compressed landscape’ and refers to the fact that in the garden typical landscapes of Japan can be seen in a reduced form. The landscapes of the garden show valleys, mountains, and forests in miniature. Through the mindful care of the land and vegetation, the garden mimics a variety of natural formations and scenic vistas.

Shukkeien has a long history dating back to 1620, shortly after the completion of Hiroshima Castle. The garden displays many features of the traditional aesthetics of Japanese gardens. Around the main pond of the garden, there are a number of teahouses that offer visitors an ideal view of the surrounding countryside.

The entire garden is connected by a path that winds around the pond in the center of the garden. The path leads through all the different miniaturized scenes of Shukkeien.


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