Atombombenkuppel - A-Bomb Dome

A-Bomb Dome, Hiroshima 2017

The Peace Memorial in Hiroshima, also A-bomb Dome, in the Japanese coastal city of Hiroshima is a memorial site for the first military use of a nuclear bomb. It is located in the Peace Park, which also houses the Peace Museum. The former industrial and commercial chamber building in todays Peace Park was destroyed on 6 August 1945 by the first atomic bomb, Little Boy, dropped from a US bomber and burnt down completely.

The building was built by the Czech architect Jan Letzel and completed in April 1915. Despite the small distance of 140 meters from the impact site, many building structures have been preserved, including the characteristic supporting structure of the dome roof, which owes the monument its present name. The remains are conserved since their release in their former state. In December 1996, despite massive opposition from China and the US, UNESCO declared the building a World Heritage Site.


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