Altstadt - Old Town

City Views Old-Kyoto, Japan 2017

In the middle of concrete buildings and metropolitan bustle in Kyoto, a district with old town character can be found. In the Gion district, wooden houses and cobbled streets exude the charm of ancient Kyoto. Especially worth seeing are the Ninen-zaka and the Sannen-zaka street in Gion, but also the rest of the old town offers a very special flair. The Gion district still has many old traditional houses that are only 6-7 meters wide but almost 20 meters deep. Some of these houses have been converted into traditional tea houses and souvenir shops. Gion is also the neighborhood of entertainment and geishas. With a little luck you can see real geishas walking through the cinematic streets. The historic old town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994.

Not advertised as the actual old city of Kyoto, but worth seeing and also with old buildings is a small district west of the Kamogawa River around the Kiyamachi-dori. There are also numerous restaurants and bars, which makes this area especially interesting in the evenings.


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