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Red Chamber, Wuhan 2017

The Red Chamber was once the home of the Hubei Advisory Bureau, established in 1910 by the Qing government. On October 10, 1911, members of the Hubei Revolutionary Party gathered under Sun Yat-sen’s revolutionary theory of democracy and boldly embarked on the revolution, occupying the city of Wuchang. The following day, the Government Office of the Military Government the Republic of China was founded in Hubei, and Li Yuanhong was elected governor. Xuantong, the reign of the Qing emperor, was abolished and the Republic of China was founded.

The Wuchang revolution aroused resonance throughout the country. 260 years of the reign of the Qing Dynasty were overthrown, marking the end of the 2000-year feudal monarchy. Wuchang was named ‘The Place of Shouyi’, the Red Chamber is worshiped as the Gate of the Republic. It is located in Wuchang Yuema Chang in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, with the Yellow Crane Tower to the west, She Hill to the north, and the Shouyi Square in the south. Because of the red bricks, the building is called the Red Chamber.


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