1911 Revolutionsmuseum - 1911 Revolution Museum

1911 Revolution Museum, Wuhan 2017

The museum is located on the south side of Shouyi Square in Wuhan. The Museum, the Red Chamber, the former military building of the Wuchang Uprising, the bronze statue of Sun Yat-sen, the Commander Title Granting Monument, and the Martyrs Memorial Archway, are the sparkling cultural symbols of Shouyi Square.

The 1911 Revolution Museum consists of a lobby, five exhibition halls, and a multifunctional exhibition hall. With modern technology, reproduced scenes, numerous exhibits, and explanations as well as a chronological presentation, the museum gives an excellent insight into the events and consequences. It is one of the best museums thematically shaping the 1911 revolution.

The most important exhibition of the museum: The History of the Revolution of 1911 and The Founding of the Republic, consists of five parts: China in the late Qing Dynasty, the origin of the revolution, the first uprising in Wuchang, the founding of the Republic and the century since 1911.


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