Moshan, Wuhan 2017

The East Lake, in Chinese Donghu, which is located in the eastern suburbs of Wuhan, is one of the most scenic locations in China and is the largest landscaped garden in the city. The crisscrossed lake has 99 bays. It has an area of ​​33 square kilometers, six times the size of the West Lake in Hangzhou.

Nestled in a beautiful environment with numerous attractions, the buildings are concentrated on the western shore. The region has six parts: Tingtao, Moshan, Luoyan, Bairna, Luohong, and Chuidi. In the Tingtao Zone, there is a garden of sculptures with parabolic motifs. This is the first garden of its kind in China.

The Chu Castle on Moshan is known far and wide. Moshan Mountain, located on the eastern, western and northern sides, is reflected in the lake. The whole mountain measures 2200-meters in the east-west direction and 500-meters in the north-south direction. It has six peaks. The highest, the eastern summit, looks like a millstone – hence the name “Moshan” (Mountain of the Millstone).


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