Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, Zhangjiajie 2017

The Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon is a recently developed natural wonderland. It includes mountains, streams, caves, cliffs, and forest. The Grand Canyon covers a total area of ​​over 60 square kilometers and is located near the Wulingyuan Scenic Area, which covers a total area of ​​over 370 square kilometers. Today, the Grand Canyon is a tourist attraction in Zhangjiajie due to the Glass Bridge.

According to local legends, the Grand Canyon has two names: one is Lanchuanxia (‘Rotten Ship Gorge’). The waters of the gorge come from the Shenquan Creek and seem to bubble from the rotten boards of a ship. The other is Luanquanxia (Massiv Springs Canyon). This is because there are numerous springs on both sides of the gorge.

The hike in the gorge begins with a long and narrow vertical gap between two mountain cliffs known as the ‘A Stripe of Sky’. The difference in altitude between the upper and lower canyons is over 300 meters. In the ravine meanders a spring, along which runs a wooden path. In the last part of the gorge is a small reservoir for the hydroelectric power station. Here you have to take a short boat trip from the Upper Pier to the Down Pier.


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