Musik aus dem Paradies - Music from Paradise

Music from Paradise, Longji Rice Terraces 2017

China has many rice terraces. The best known are the Longji rice terraces in Guilin and the Yuanyang rice terraces in Yunnan province. The Longji rice terraces, also known as Longsheng rice terraces, are located in Heping district, 80 kilometers north of Guilin city. The rice terraces were first created in the Yuan Dynasty, about 800 years ago. They are at an altitude between 300 and 1,100 meters. The inclination of some terraces reaches an angle of 50 °. There are numerous Zhuang and Yao villages along the terraces. The wooden buildings are built in unique Zhuang or Yao style.

In the spacious grounds of the rice terraces, there are numerous villages and viewpoints, which open up new perspectives on the terraces. For a day trip from Guilin, the Golden Buddha Peak is the best. With a little more time you can experience the area more intensively and explore, for example, on foot the viewpoints ‘Music from Paradise’ and ‘7 stars‘. As starting points, the three villages, Ping An, Gu Zhuang Zhai or Jinkeng, serve in the rice terraces.


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