100 Hühner Tempel - 100 Chicken Temple

100 Chicken Temple, Shangri-La 2017

The 100 chicken temple, actually Baiji Temple, is a picturesque little temple on the hill behind the old town. The name of the temple comes from the chickens that roam the grounds. The path and ridge are covered with Tibetan prayer flags, and locals can be heard praying in the temple. The temple is from the Yuan Dynasty. It is located west of Shangri-Las’s old town and offers a stunning bird’s eye view. From here you can see all the way to Ganden Songtsenling.

Little known, it hides in the shade of 7 ancient trees on a hill. Believers in local Buddhism always light incense sticks on the first and fifteenth day of a lunar month and pray for happiness and health. To fulfill their vows, a hen is brought and released on the hill – hence the name.

In the early morning, the roosters sing in the trees and wake up the sleeping city of Shangri-La. The path from the town through the field led to a high, mud-shaped staircase, followed by a cobbled staircase leading to the temple. Chickens and pigs walk on and around the area looking for food. The place seems to be out of the world, and the imposing landscape does the rest to enhance this impression.


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