City Views Shangri-La, China 2017

Shangri-La is a predominantly Tibetan and Naxi-inhabited, county-level town in northwestern Yunnan Province, China. Shangri-La is on the way to Tibet and is therefore visited by relatively many tourists, who want to see, among others, here the monastery Ganden Songtsenling. On December 17, 2001, the city’s original name, Zhongdian, was changed to Shangri-La to attract more tourists. The name Shangri-La refers to the novel ‘The Lost Horizon’ by British writer James Hilton.

On January 11, 2014, a fire destroyed 242 of the 1,084 mostly wooden houses in Shangri-Las’s old town. Today reconstruction is well advanced, and the original architecture is mostly restored. In addition to beautiful scenery in this mainly Tibetan region, there are also numerous Tibetan temples, as the Guishan Temple or just outside the 100 Chicken Temple. But the real attractions in Shangri-La are the spectacular natural landscapes in this mountainous region.


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