Löwenhügel - Lion Hill

Lion Hill, Lijiang 2017

The landscape is enchantingly beautiful in Lijiang. The Jade Dragon Mountain (Yulong Xueshan), with its exceptionally low-lying glacier, is the only one of its kind in the entire Northern Hemisphere. The Tiger Leaping Gorge (Hutiaoxia), the Grand Canyon of China, Lugu Lake and the ancient city of Dayan, sometimes referred to by Europeans and US Americans as the Venice of the Orient. Lijiang’s scenic and cultural treasures such as the Dongba culture, Naxi classical music, Baisha murals and the uniqueness of the Mosuo have been attracting tourists from around the world to this region for quite some time.

The city of Lijiang consists of two parts, which are separated by the Lion’s Hill. West of the Sifang, climb the Lion’s Mound, which is dominated by the 22-meter high Wangu Lou, the ‘Aeon Tower,’ from where you can enjoy an excellent view of Lijiang.


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