Xizhou, Dali 2017

Just north of Dali’s old town, the cozy village of Xizhou is right on the shores of Lake Erhai and Wanhua Brook. Historically it was a military fortress of the kingdom of Nanzhao and a provisional palace of the king of Nanzhao. Because of its favorable geographical location, the city was a trade center before 1949. Today, people consider Xizhou as a city famous for the Bai minority culture. The old houses and streets are well preserved. Visitors can still find traces of past fame.

The Bai minority is very present in Xizhou. Green mountains, winding streams, and fertile land make for a lyrical and carefree life. The story of Xizhou dates back to the Sui Dynasty. At that time it was called the city of Dali. It was later conquered by General Shi Wansui in the Sui Dynasty. Hence it is also named Shicheng.


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