3 Pagoden des Chongsheng Tempels - 3 Pagodas of the Chongsheng Temple

Three Pagodas of Chongshen-Temple, Dali 2017

The Three Pagodas of Chongshen Monastery of Dali are located at the foot of Zhonghe Mountain, a summit of the Cangshan Mountain Range. This Buddhist site in Dali is located north of the Old City, across from Erhai Lake.

The oldest and tallest of the Three Pagodas of Dali was built some 1200 years ago, long before the city of Dali was built near the Chongshen Monastery. The pagoda reaches a height of almost 70 meters. The pagodas were built in the old style of Tang Dynasty. They are made of bricks.

The mighty Middle Pagoda (Qianxun Pagoda) was built between the years 823 and 859, in the era of King Quan Fengyou of the local kingdom of Nanzhao. This pagoda has a similar appearance and structure with the Small Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi’an and the Songyue Temple Pagoda in Henan. The two small pagodas to the north and south are 70 meters from the central pagoda, and they are 42.19 meters high with an octagonal plane.


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