City Views Dali, China 2017

Dali is the capital of the Dali Autonomous Region of Bai in the southwestern Chinese province of Yunnan. The Three Pagodas near the Old Town is a landmark of Dali. 67% of the population belong to the Bai nationality. The historic city of Dali, also called Yeyu or Zhonghezhen, also acted as the namesake for today’s urban management area around the Erhai Lake.

The historic center, built in 1382, destroyed during the Mongol rule and rebuilt in the Ming period, is the tourist highlight of the region. The city was made in the form of a square with a width and length of 1.5 km and a circumference of 6 km. Everywhere in Dali’s old town, you can hear the waters of numerous small streams that are fed by springs in the nearby Cangshan mountains.

Dali’s culture is an integration of Chinese, Tibetan, Southeast Asian and local folk culture. This strong ethnic charm adds a historical and cultural atmosphere to the old city. Culture and tradition are lived here and not put on a show for tourists. Especially in the early morning hours, you will discover unadulterated scenes of everyday life on a walk through the narrow streets.


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