Bada Reisterrassen - Bada Rice Terraces

Bada Rice Terraces, Yunnan 2017

Hani Rice Terraces are located in Yunnan Province, China, along with the southern shore of Honghe. Especially the rice terraces in Yuanyang with an area of ​​12.6 thousand hectares, as the most famous part. Because Yuanyang has rich springs, humid air, and fog, it always forms a living landscape. The Hani rice terraces were added to the World Heritage List by UNESCO in June 2013.

2000 years ago, Hani’s ancestors moved to Honghe and set up the first rice terrace on a mountain slope. Then water channels were built. Generations of Hani nationality work on the rice terraces and always strive for a balance between nature and people. To this day, the inhabitants still cultivate rice on the terraces. In addition to the majority of the population of the Hani ethnic group, there are several other ethnic groups living in the area, including the Yi, Dai, Yao, Zhuang and the Miao. It is said that these different minorities live on different levels, depending on their altitude. The Hani-style houses look like mushrooms. The ground floor serves as a stable, the first level as a living area and the attic as a pantry.

The Yuanyang rice terraces are a true paradise for landscape photographers. The best time is December to April when the terraces are filled with water, but the other seasons have their charm, especially in August when the rice plants are long and green. The terraces are divided into different areas: the area around Qingkou Village, the landscape around Shengcun Village, etc. the Bada rice terraces, Duoyishu and Laohuzui.


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